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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Solutions for life

TVC 1 - Sulekha.com

Title: The Chase
Route: Don’t try too hard

Film opens with a boy standing in a bus stop with a mobile phone in hand.
A girl is standing next to him fiddling with her mobile. She is struggling with it.

She sees the boy and goes up to him.
She asks him if she can borrow his mobile.

The boy looks at her in wonder; it is a moment a guy could die for.
He blushes gently and hands the mobile to her.

He is still amazed and looks at her with disbelief
Guy mutters to himself “You are the one I was looking for”.

As this happens, the girl returns the phone, thanks him and goes away
Before the boy realizes, she hops onto a bus and leaves.

The boy then wakes up from his stupor and goes after the bus at a mad pace.
He finally manages to catch up with the bus and jumps into it.

The girl on noticing this begins to blush and eagerly waits for the moment of truth.
He walks up to the girl panting, pauses for a moment and his eyes meet hers.

The girl also longingly looks for him to say something when he stammers to say something.
She coaxes him to come out with his feelings.

He slowly says… “Do you want to buy my phone secondhand?”
The girl’s encouraging expression slowly fades as the colour drains out of her face.

Cut to product window. Sulekha.com – Do the right thing.

Do it the right way / sulekha.com the right way. Find, buy, sell anything.

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